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Our Core Values

Go far together

Be kind, as there is no cost

Serve generously

Dare to be creative

innovative and customer-centric


Do the best

Support local

Constant learning

Environmental consciousness

Meet our Expert team

Shogonya Kaskile Mnyonge

CEO and Founder


Tokalema Nadège Galbané

Manager, Finance & HR manager


Monaja Francis

Chief Technology Officer



Sales/Marketing Lead


Why Choose Us

Why -Purpose, cause, belief, why should someone care?

  • Flourish Sales aim to explore the setbacks of local business due to the pandemic, COVID-19, and its adverse effects on the local economy, and local businesses. COVID-19 is not only detrimental to human health, but it has also majorly increased the wealth gap between local small & medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and large retail chains.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic tested the local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) like never before. Their resilience and ingenuity were evident and many emerged stronger than ever with more meaningful relationships with their customers.
  • We saw consumer behaviour change as well with a huge shift to non-contact transactions, such as online shopping and curbside pickup. At Flourish Sales, we believe this behaviour is here to stay. We see an opportunity where others see a challenge.
  • Online Made Easy – for You and Your Customer
  • As shopping shifted quickly online, the easier choice was to rely on large national and multinational retailers – everything at the customer’s fingertips delivered right to their door. For many SMEs, this puts a spotlight on major problems they’ve been facing for years, including the absence of a website or the internal structure to track inventory, the option to deliver products, and most importantly, the ability to market to their target customers.

What if the customer wanted to choose local first?

  • We Care About Local
  • Our vision of helping rebuild local economies extends beyond our online solution.
  • When purchasing your product through Flourish Sales, your customer's investment means that dollars spent locally can be reinvested within the same community. As we all know, Local businesses generate a substantial impact and provide many added economic benefits over chain retailers. Locally owned businesses will consistently exceed their chain competitors, and the “Support Local” movement is critical to economic growth.


  • Flourish Sales gives your customers what they want – the ability to find, choose and support local, mirroring the ease and convenience of the retail online shopping experience traditionally seen with large national brands.