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What makes Flourish Sales a one-of-a-kind online marketplace?

Flourish Support

Flourish Sales Corp at first glance may seem like just another e-commerce site. You might understandably respond, “Seriously? Does the world really need another one?”. The answer really depends. If this is just another e-commerce site trying to solve the disconnect between global suppliers, buyers and sellers around the world, the question is undoubtedly justified. There are way too many of them. Not just that, this nature of the e-commerce boom has created an enormous economic inequality where now only a few corporation giants hold a total monopoly over the e-commerce supply-chain and the authority of setting the terms and conditions for the global online business today. As a result, locally-owned small and medium-sized businesses within our communities, like the old clock store down the road in our neighbourhood or the local carpet factory where you know someone who works there, are struggling to compete with the online corporate sellers. Furthermore, the advent of Covid-19 impacts on small and medium-sized businesses have been staggering, exacerbating their incurred financial losses even further.

 Flourish Sales Corp, though a one-stop online marketplace, is not cut from the same cloth as these already existing online marketplaces. In fact, the FSC is an online marketplace that promises to have a completely opposite impact on small and medium-sized businesses, making it to be a one-of-a-kind online marketplace. Here are four points to support that.


1.   Featuring Only Small and Medium-Sized Businesses within distinct communities:

 Flourish Sales Corp is a staunch believer in keeping money within one’s own communities. By creating a digital platform that only sells products of small and medium-sized businesses within one’s own community, FSC not only makes it easy for customers to shop online from their local businesses, especially in situations like lockdowns but also creates opportunities for the community members to support small businesses which in turn brings job opportunities within the community and improves the local economy.


2.   Empowering the autonomy and identities of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

 Flourish Sales Corp does not want to be the middleman. It does not want to stifle the autonomy of its local business partners by setting terms and conditions that control their products’ narratives and pricing. In fact, FSC sees the sheer lure of local businesses in their uniqueness and therefore wants businesses on its platform to have full control over their autonomy and their unique identities. The only condition FSC wants its businesses to follow is that their pricing and quality of goods on their online service should match that of in their physical stores.  


3.   Less carbon-footprint

 One of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions is the e-commerce industry today. The community-focused exchange of goods and services on Flourish Sales Corp however sets it apart from the rest of the online marketplace. As buying and selling within one’s own community make the delivery of goods quick and short distances and also the in-store pick up a more viable option, Flourish Sales Corp promises to be a good alternative for customers to contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint. 


4.   Inculcating a strong sense of community

 Since the FSC platform is not interested in replacing but offering a choice for local businesses to extend their physical stores, FSC recognizes the importance of maintaining the relationships these stores have with their customers in their communities. Therefore, FSC allows its local business partners to have their own mini page that allows vendors and customers to have a direct mode of communication and vendor-customer relationships just like they would have in their physical stores. With this relationship unwavered and trust unbroken, a stronger sense of community grows in both the vendors as well as customers.


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